MYL Youth Assembly Session held in Karachi - October 2018

The meeting of MYL’s Youth Assembly as part of its countrywide youth awareness campaign was held in Karachi. Mazhar Mahmood Alvi, President of MYL, was the guest of honour on the occasion. Faheem Khan, Muhammad Shahid, and Shabbir Mustafavi attended the meeting as speaker, deputy speaker and secretary assembly respectively. The meeting was also attended by the zonal office bearers of different forums of MQI.

The proceedings of the Assembly session got underway with the recitation from the Holy Quran and Naat. The speaker welcomed the participants followed by the introduction of the members. He introduced the agenda and threw light on the performance of MYL Karachi.

Central President Mazhar Mahmood Alvi administered the oath office and congratulated them on assumption of responsibilities. Mukarram Maqsood, Junaid Ali and Mazhar Muneer conducted training sessions with regard to the art of public speaking, organizational goals and methodologies of their attainment.

Mazhar Mahmood Alvi also briefed the Youth Assembly about MYL’s youth awareness campaign and urged them to take active part in the nation building. The meeting of the Youth Assembly ended with the concluding remarks of the Speaker of the Assembly.