MYL to launch talent hunt program across the country

MYL talent hunt

Rana Waheed Shahzad, the central president of the Minhaj Youth League (MYL), has said that education is the guarantor of progress for any nation or society. He said that education is the ornament that shapes a person's character. He announced that in order to recognize and present the knowledge, skill, and art among the youth, the Minhaj Youth League will organize the talent hunt sessions across Pakistan.

Rana Waheed Shahzad said that the world has embarked on a new era, where the demands of education, skills, and art have also changed. He said that the modern age has liberated youth from the confines of degrees by prioritizing skills. He said that we need to change the mode of our thinking for a better future. He said that it is essential for the youth to embrace skills for future development.

“It is inevitable for the youth to identify and enhance their hidden talents.”

These thoughts were expressed by Rana Waheed Shahzad while addressing the Talent Hunt Program organized under the auspices of Elite Schools Faisalabad. He was a special guest on the occasion. He said that Islamic history bears witness that Muslims achieved greatness and progress in religion and worldly affairs through education and upbringing.

He, however, added in the same breath that when Muslims distanced themselves from education, they lost their identity as a nation. He said that the Islamic philosophy of education is to strengthen the mental, intellectual, and cognitive abilities of youth so that goodness prevails in society.

“Respect for each other should be maintained, and no one should be hurt,” he added.

Principal Yasser Virk, and Hafiz Mahmood-ul-Hassan also addressed the ceremony. Important scholarly, political, and social personalities including Chaudhry Nadeem Sindhu, Javed Iqbal, and Chaudhry Nawaz participated in the event.

A large number of young male and female students also attended the ceremony.

MYL talent hunt